Saturday, January 24, 2009


Kino will be selling his great pearl.Kino and Juan Tomás walk on in silence into the city, drawing stares from assembled onlookers. As Kino, Juan Tomás, and the attending crowd approach, the pearl dealers scramble to put their offices in order, hiding their little pearls and preparing to make offers. The first dealer is a short, slick man who nervously rolls a coin back and forth in his hand. He explains after a careful examination that the pearl is worthless because of its abnormally large size. Declaring it more of a museum curiosity than a market commodity, the dealer makes an offhand bid of one thousand pesos.Kino reacts angrily to this lowball offer and insists that the pearl is worth fifty times that much. Presently, three new dealers arrive to examine the pearl, and the initial dealer invites them to make independent appraisals.He fiercely pushes his way out of the crowd and starts the long walk home as Juana trails after him.Kino has buried the pearl under a stone in the fire hole..He sits awake to protect the pearl and continues to pore over the details of his problemSuddenly, Kino senses an evil presence. He rises, feeling for the knife under his shirt, and moves toward the doorway as Juana stifles a desire to restrain him. From the darkness, a man assaults Kino, and a struggle ensues. By the time Juana reaches the fray, the attacker has fled. Bloodied and cut and with his clothes torn, Kino lies sprawled on the ground, only half conscious.He explains that in the morning they will set out in the canoe for the capital. Juana dutifully submits to her husband's plan, and they both go to sleep.